Innovative Global Business Solutions GmbH (IGBS) specialises in advising and supporting global Enterprise Management with regard to the integration of important, innovative technologies that are usually planned in conjunction with specialised IT-Solutions (hard- and software).

Some of the technologies supported by us, originate from the Mobile technology sector. There are good reasons for this. Mobility and ubiquity (permanent availability) are key factors in the development, integration and application of future information systems. The use of today's mobile, wireless communication systems (Telematics) not only allow better support of existing mobile activities and business processes. It also provides the technical basis for completely new types of mobile work and living. The Mobile Internet and the Semantic-Web will further support this tendency.

We see a comparable innovative and increasing market around Renewable Energy and Low Power / Low Consumption Equipment. We gathered patent based products or product ideas, which we implement in our leading concepts for the various areas. From our opinion besides of RFID LED and associated products will be the next fastest growing part in the silicon market.

Furthermore, besides of the mentioned technologies that we favour, the technologies we support, including future Mobile Technologies with and around RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), which will grow together intensively and will cross-fertilise each other innovatively in the future.

Our products and services are focused on preparing designs / concepts as well as selecting the best technologies, suppliers and corresponding system integrators. To ensure we can live up to the high standards of our own products and services, in addition to a highly qualified team of in-house staff, we have also put together a network of international specialists who are "masters of their profession". With our global approach, we are able to offer our services local and global.